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Blog Post Apr 13, 2021

Join Sectigo in Celebrating the First Identity Management Day!

Today, April 13, 2021, Sectigo is proud to support and celebrate the first annual Identity Management Day, presented in partnership with the National Cybersecurity Alliance. Identity Management Day aims to inform about the dangers of casually or improperly managing and securing digital identities by raising awareness, sharing best practices, and leveraging the support of vendors in the identity security space.

Since our inception, Sectigo has helped enterprises of all sizes worldwide implement digital identity management solutions, addressing a wide range of use cases that leverage the interactions between secure identities. This experience has given us unique insights into the evolving market, and we characterize identities in four key categories:

  • Server Identities
  • User Identities
  • Device Identities
  • Software Identities

Operating within these discrete categories, Sectigo has been able to capture the nuances of identity management and develop a broader set of use cases, supporting the enterprise's evolving security demands.

Breaking Down Identity Types

Server Identities provide the traditional and commonly understood verified web server authentication that we implement using SSL/TLS certificates. But regardless of what entity is interacting with a server (and whether within the enterprise or exposed beyond the firewall), there is value and merit in providing a mechanism to ensure identity and that the server is, in fact, what it advertises itself as. This extends beyond the web server and includes application servers, load balancers, network infrastructure, and beyond.

User Identities represent the greatest potential in the enterprise and offer the promise of more streamlined resource interaction while continuing to ensure a high level of security. User identities are used to sign and encrypt email using S/MIME certificates or sign a document for personal or business purposes using document signing certificates. Sectigo also includes broader entities such as partners and companies under User Identities, as they need to be identified and authenticated to enable secure communications.

Device Identities are used to increase the security resilience of the enterprise. In the modern enterprise, devices are in use everywhere – from mobile devices to laptops, workstations, and a variety of connected devices operating on the network. Each of these devices require a secure digital identity to maintain business continuity.

Software Identities provide assurance within the enterprise, and beyond that, the technology itself is genuine and validated. We see a continuing evolution from basic Code Signing to local modular verification and validation of all external code before being deployed in the enterprise. The granularity of software identities will likely increase, providing authentication of libraries, containers, and applications, increasing resilience of the software infrastructure, and reducing the potential for rogue software being executed in the enterprise.

Digital identities are in use everywhere and are used to enable more and more uses cases within the enterprise. Managing digital identities and the PKI-based certificates that enable them is a challenge all businesses face. We are proud to be at the forefront and helping business solve this challenge with our leading automated digital identity management solutions.

To get involved with Identity Management Day 2021, you can visit You can also look for the #IDMgmtDay hashtag on both Twitter and LinkedIn. Happy Identity Management Day!