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Blog Post Dec 18, 2023

2024 prediction: RSA will come under siege as researchers crack shortcuts to decryption

Researcher and hackers alike will intensify their efforts to unravel RSA encryption. Post-quantum cryptography was a lightbulb moment as operational quantum computers are no longer required to attempt decryption. In 2024, RSA will see an influx of breach attempts. Although RSA is not expected to succumb, it will face an immense amount of pressure.

Prediction: RSA will come under siege as researchers crack shortcuts to decryption

The digital security landscape is characterized by constant evolution and dynamic changes, and the year 2024 is poised to mark a significant turning point. This pivotal year will see the RSA encryption algorithm face unprecedented scrutiny as researchers around the world intensify their endeavors to break the security backbone of the internet. Brace yourself for new shortcuts to breaking RSA – we are standing at the edge of a new era in encryption vulnerabilities. This prediction serves as your exclusive sneak peek into the imminent threats and a guide to navigating the complex terrain of encryption vulnerabilities and digital security over the next year.

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Post-Quantum Cryptography: illuminating the path for researchers

The catalyst for this impending siege on RSA encryption is widespread understanding of the threat quantum computers pose to RSA and the need for Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC). As the idea of a broken RSA rises in visibility, it has fostered research on the fundamentals of defeating RSA—with or without the participation of a quantum computing architecture.

In 2024, cryptographic experts will continue probing RSA for vulnerabilities, seeking new ways to reduce the time to discovery of an RSA key. The long standing assumption that RSA is unbreachable is a thing of the past. We don’t expect the algorithm to fall in 2024, but we do expect additional revelations of pragmatic attacks to further weaken this long-serving algorithm.

Looking forward

While the siege on RSA encryption is underway, it is crucial to acknowledge that the encryption method itself is robust and has withstood over 40 years of technological innovation. This is not being challenged.

We will see, however, continued scrutiny of this algorithm in preparation for the day when a quantum computer can execute such an attack. We will see continued scrutiny of the idea of applying traditional methods to the quantum platform, and we will see full consideration of hybrid attacks using both architectures together. While we don’t expect a computer to be able to perform these attacks in 2024, the trend toward that eventual day will continue with additional published papers and revelations about how to break this bulwark of digital security.

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