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Enterprise Use Cases

One of the leading threats to enterprises is vulnerabilities in their digital identities, which can open the door for attacks that impersonate an employee, device, or server to gain access into the network. A strong digital identity is the proven best method to prevent this impersonation. The Sectigo digital identity can be used in several enterprise applications, supported by fully automated lifecycle management of the digital identity. Sectigo offers a strong digital identity using Public Key Infrastructure technology, the same technology used by governments and financial institutions. To learn more about why PKI is better than passwords, click here.

Use cases for digital identities in the enterprise include:

1. TLS/SSL Certificates
Sectigo offers 3 types of certificates trusted by 99.99% of the worldwide browsers: Domain Validated, Organization Validated and Extended Validation. For servers within the enterprise, certificates can be issued from a private CA.

2. Network Access

  • Virtual Private Networks: Remove the need to issue either plastic tokens or mobile apps by issuing a digital identity to the employee’s device to perform the authentication.
  • Network Devices: Place a digital identity into the Windows or Mac desktop, server or WiFi access points, so only authorized devices can connect to your corporate network.
  • Mobile Device Access to the Enterprise WiFi: Employees using tablets and mobile devices need ready access to the corporate wireless network, while at the same time preventing unauthorized access to corporate resources.
  • Mac/Windows Login: Avoid the need to remember/reset long, difficult to remember passwords that change every 90 days by replacing it with a digital identity.

3. Internet of Things
A digital identity can be installed in your IoT device and the user’s device or application to ensure that only trusted IoT devices can connect to your network, and that the IoT device will only take instructions from or send data to authorized applications and users who also possess a digital identity.

4. Email Encryption (S/MIME)
A digital identity installed in Windows/Mac Outlook/Apple Mail or your mobile device mail application will ensure all intellectual property is encrypted in both transmission and when stored in your mail server.

5. Single Sign-On

  • ​Single Sign-on to Cloud Applications: Today’s enterprise employee will have access to a wide variety of cloud services, in some cases using an Identity as a Service or Federation product.
  • Single Sign-on to the Enterprise Web Portal: The enterprise will often use a Web Single Sign-on product to provide access to all their resources in the corporate portal.

6. Digitally Sign & Encrypt Documents
Using a Digital ID, employees can encrypt the files on their desktop, company servers or cloud servers for authorized individuals or themselves.

7. Enterprise Mobility Management
The applications provided by EMM vendors, such as Email and Browser, will utilize digital identities for authentication, encryption and digital signatures.

8. Code Signing
Ensure your custom enterprise application written for mobile, Windows or Mac is code signed for trusted installation on the device.

360 Degree Digital Identity Management

The challenge with digital identity management is to ensure that the identity can be 100% automatically installed, renewed, and revoked when the user or device is no longer associated with the enterprise business. The Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) provides a single user interface to manage all the digital identities issued across the entire enterprise for people and devices.

The SCM API can be integrated with your employee HR or device inventory system, so when people/devices leave or join the enterprise their digital identity can instantly be activated/deactivated by revocation, without touching the device. There is no need to replace your Microsoft CA to issue certificates, rather SCM will allow you to automate the provisioning of certificates to devices which until now have been manual, such as wireless access points and non-windows web servers. The discovery capability will search your network looking for orphaned certificates that need to be managed. Certificates issued by a 3rd party can be managed, and prior to expiry automatically updated preventing a service outage.

The SCM supports fully automated certificate lifecycle management with a variety of industry standard protocols, with no need to implement costly propriety solutions.

  • ​Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
  • Windows Client Certificate Enrollment Protocol (MS-WCCE) for desktops and servers
  • Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) RFC7030
  • Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) IETF draft

Secure Cloud Service

The Sectigo solution is designed to be offered as a Multi-Tenant Cloud Service. This means that customers will be quickly setup to issue digital identities, unlike other vendors which take several weeks. Only purchase what you use, avoid the costs of setting up the complete infrastructure for the initial pilot. The Sectigo solution is housed in geographically separated, secure data centers, offering 99.99% high availability and responsive disaster recovery. Your business is never at risk of down time, costing you money and time.

The Sectigo cloud service holds several certifications:

  • ​Annual WebTrust audit
  • Annual System and Organization Controls 1, 2 and 3

Trusted Advisors

The Trusted Advisor will start the process by listening to the customer’s needs, then propose the best practices from the many customer’s we have successfully deployed.

  • Comprehensive guidance on how to configure your Branded Certificate Authority hierarchy and administration roles to maximize the sharing of trusted identities across departments and partners without the need to centrally manage the addition/deletion/change of digital identities.
  • ​The approach for digital identity usage that best meets your security and productivity needs, and the integration into existing enterprise systems.
  • Convenient expert, 24x7 support available by phone, mobile or chat to resolve issues quickly and accurately the first time.

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