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Malware Hurts Your Brand

Because just an SSL is not enough

You've spent years perfecting your site and getting steady traffic to it. You have worked hard to build a brand and a relationship with your customers.

But it all could be lost...
Speak to a product specialist to see how Sectigo Web can help!

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  • 30,000 websites get hacked every single day.

    Are you next?

  • CMS Source code is updated up to 60-80 times per day.

    Have you updated yours?

  • 300,000 new pieces of malware are created daily.

    Do you have any?

Why Wait? Get Sectigo Web Security

Web Security Isn't Easy

Code changes are complex and free plugins don't guarantee safety

You're thinking of downloading a free plug-in. You're hoping to sort your code out. But these solutions are too difficult to implement and they do not give you all-around security!

There are a hundred and one things to think about when it comes to web security. The Sectigo Web Security Platform streamlines 8 layers of website protection into a single, easy to use platform.

Simple and Effortless

Sectigo Web takes care of all your web security problems.

Stop worrying about your sites vulnerabilities. Sleep stress-free at night with Sectigo guarding your website from any and all threats.

All you have to do is install Sectigo Web Security Platform, and then sit back and watch us fight the malware and update your CMS!

No coding, no complicated jargon, no ages of waiting. Just a very secure website, with very little effort.

Sectigo Web Security has everything you need to automatically manage your security, all in one place