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Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

Enhance your network security through automated certificate lifecycle management and ensure robust protection against both known and unknown threats.

With the Sectigo-Cisco FTD integration, you can easily manage your certificates and secure your network infrastructure. Without leaving the Cisco ecosystem, this integration offers a scalable solution to effortlessly enroll, renew, revoke, replace, and list your SSL/TLS server certificates, supported through REST API and Software Development Kit (SDK).

Key benefits for Cisco FTD users:

  • Enhanced User Experience - Gain greater control and manage all your certificate needs seamlessly within the Cisco environment.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency - Streamline your certificate management processes, reducing the time and effort required and improving overall efficiency.
  • Robust Security for Integration Credentials - Increased flexibility to protect your integration credentials with advanced encryption and decryption capabilities against unauthorized access.
  • Comprehensive Support - Access a wide range of SSL/TLS certificates, including wildcard, single domain, and more, ensuring all your security needs are met.

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