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Digital Identity Management for Zero Trust

Adopt Zero Trust Security and Verify Every Identity With a Single Solution

Identity Security is More Important Than Ever

To support a Zero Trust security strategy, digital identity verification is critical to success. Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates and key pairs can strengthen the verification of digital identities and secure the connections between entities beyond the firewalled network architecture. In this age of digital transformation, the Zero Trust model increases the need for a consolidated, automated, and modern approach to PKI.

In a world of cloud-based users and devices accessing public cloud-based services, the relevance of the legacy enterprise perimeter declines. Identity is the new perimeter.

Source: Gartner, How to Make Cloud More Secure Than Your Own Data Center, Neil MacDonald, Tom Croll, 9 October 2019.

PKI is the Preferred Technology for Securing Digital Identities Across the Enterprise

Replace Passwords with User Identity Certificates

PKI-based identity certificates are the strongest form of identity, and make life easier for employees, reducing the burden of remembering, updating, and managing passwords. This simplified and more secure approach to identity security and network access control ensures your employees, their devices, and your business services are protected from data breaches.

Automate Issuance and Renewal of SSL/TLS Certificates

Automating discovery, issuance, and renewal of SSL/TLS certificates prevents potential service disruptions caused by human error while providing peace of mind and freeing valuable IT employees to address other critical issues.

Protect Email with S/MIME Certificates

Using S/MIME certificates to sign and encrypt emails across the enterprise can help protect employees from malicious attacks that lead to identity theft as well as corporate or personal data breaches. S/MIME certificates also add a layer of defense by encrypting emails both in storage and in transit.

Secure Critical Workflows with Document Signing

A digital signature is the most advanced and secure type of electronic signature. Digital signing certificates using PKI take the electronic signature process a step further by ensuring that the signature is genuine and the document is unaltered.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

In February 2020 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published its “Zero Trust Architecture” report, in which NIST describes PKI as an essential foundational component of Zero Trust architecture."

Sectigo's Automated PKI Lifecycle Management Platform Enables Zero-trust

A requirement for any Zero Trust model is automation. Sectigo's automated PKI identity management platform provides a consolidated, automated approach across the deployment, discovery, management, and renewal lifecycle are essential to a zero-trust approach. Purpose-built for identity information and data protection in the modern enterprise, it supports all certificates, key pairs, and environments, with integrations to support specific use cases such as DevOps and IoT.

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