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Sectigo solutions for technology companies

94% of internet users worry about having their identities stolen online, and 83% worry about having their personal health information stolen.

Research shows that the presence of the company-branded EV address bar increases visitors’ likelihood of using online services and their confidence in the business displaying it. When visiting a site with a branded EV address bar, customers report these responses:

  • 53% are more likely to view it as a safe site for conducting business
  • 50% are more likely to share personally identifiable information (PII)
  • 43% are more likely to sign up for a new account
  • 38% are more likely to fill out and submit an online form

TLS/SSL Certificates

Extended Validation SSL is an indispensable part of your strategy to protect your assets, customers, employees, and partners from the variety of potential social engineering attacks usually described as phishing or spear phishing. Browsers accessing pages protected by EV SSL certificates display the company-branded address bar adjacent to the URL (often called the “green address bar” because most browsers display the company name in green).

This gives visitors the information they need to distinguish between your real sites and the otherwise perfect fakes they can be lured into. Extended Validation SSL is the only way to place unspoofable proof of your identity in the browser interface. By providing visitors with this important cue, you can seriously impede criminals’ ability to abuse your brand through phishing techniques like:

  • Account takeover attacks
  • Spear phishing of employees and ecosystem partners
  • Theft of PII or PHI
  • Theft of credit card details
  • Data mining to enable complex social engineering attacks

Sectigo Certificate Manager

Discover, deploy, and manage certificates throughout your network in a single, convenient, web-based console. Sectigo Certificate Manager discovers both private and public certificates from all sources across your network and allows their lifecycle management, replacement, and renewal from a single, easy pane of glass.

Sectigo Certificate Manager improves your security and uptime as an indispensable tool in protecting against:

  • System outages due to unexpected certificate expiration
  • Compliance gaps
  • Use of rogue or unapproved certificates
  • Potential data breaches

Internet of Things (IoT) Manager

In this age of internet-enabled monitors and other devices, it is of critical importance to know these devices are approved for use, compliant, and communicating securely with only the intended systems. Sectigo IoT Manager makes it straightforward to deploy, manage, revoke, and replace certificates for IoT devices across their full lifecycle and scales to support even the largest IoT networks.