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Today’s encrypted data are tomorrow’s exposed secrets. Don’t give quantum threats a foothold—start building your post quantum cryptography (PQC) blueprinth with Sectigo Quantum Labs now and secure your future.

Why quantum computing changes everything

Quantum computers differ from classical computers in that they are able to exist in multiple states and explore all possible solutions simultaneously. They are set to revolutionize problem-solving. However, as these powerful machines evolve, they threaten to render traditional encryption methods, such as RSA (Rivest–Shamir–Adleman) and ECC (Elliptic curve cryptography) algorithms, vulnerable. Experts predict that by 2030, a sufficiently advanced quatum computer could crack the current encryption safeguarding our sensitive data and communications. This quantum leap demands a proactive, robust response from organizations to protect their digital assets.

By 2029, advances in quantum computing will make conventional asymmetric cryptography unsafe to use.”

2022 - Preparing for the Quantum World With CryptoAgility

The urgency of post-quantum algorithms

Recognizing the gravity of the quantum threat, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has taken decisive action. In a ground-breaking move, NIST has selected four post-quantum cryptographic algorithms for standardization, three of which are focused on lattice-based encryption:

This milestone marks a crucial step towards fortifying our digital infrastructure against quantum attacks. Organizations must now align their security strategies with these emerging post-quantum standards to ensure long-term data protection.

Year 2030: The ticking time bomb

The quantum threat is not a distant concern – it is a present danger. Adversaries can capture your encrypted data today and decrypt it when future quantum computers become powerful enough in the near future. This "harvest now, decrypt later" type of attack leaves your current sensitive information vulnerable. Scrambling to adopt new quantum-resistant algorithms when the threat materializes could be costly, complex, and risky. A proactive, strategic approach is crucial. Waiting to address this threat is not an option.

Q.U.A.N.T. - The strategic blueprint for transitioning to quantum-safe cryptography

The time to prepare is now. Navigating the quantum shift requires a comprehensive and proactive approach. Sectigo's Q.U.A.N.T. strategy provides a strategic blueprint for quantum resilience, encompassing:


Quantum exposure inventory

Know your cryptographic footprint.

Unveil the extent of your exposure with comprehensive discovery tools, for a clear view of your cryptographic assets


Uncover risk

Assess vulnerabilities in your digital landscape.

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with our risk assessment capabilities, to ensure a focused approach


Assess and strategize

Develop a tailored PQC strategy with quantum resistant encryption algorithms.

Leverage our PKI expertise to develop a PQC migration strategy, balancing security, efficiency, and integrations


Navigate implementation

Transition smoothly to quantum-safe solutions.

Seamlessly implement automated quantum-safe solutions and services, ensuring a smooth and secure transition to PQC


Track and manage

Adapt to evolving standards with built-in crypto agility in your security DNA.

Stay agile with continuous monitoring and management solutions, and the latest standards and best practices

Sectigo Certificate Manager: Your beacon of light in the quantum storm

Sectigo stands at the forefront with our Q.U.A.N.T. strategy, meticulously designed to guide you through every phase of your quantum readiness. Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is pivotal in this journey, providing a holistic suite of certificate lifecycle management tools tailored for a seamless transition to quantum-safe cryptography.ew

Quantum exposure inventory
Uncover risk
Assess and strategize
Navigate implementation
Track and manage

Quantum wisdom: Your compass in the PQC landscape

Whether you are a crypto veteran or quantum curious, our knowledge hub equips you with the resources to confidently steer your organization through all the post-quantum developments. Dive in and let Sectigo be your guide on the path to a quantum-safe future.

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