Our Sessions

This year we are hosting 2 exclusive sessions during the conference, covering topics that are top of mind for small and large organizations: Passwordless Network Access and Digital Trust.

Wednesday, June 8th

David Mahdi

Former Gartner Analyst and Chief Strategy Officer and CISO Advisor, Sectigo

With the volume of digital identities growing exponentially, businesses need a modern approach to secure and manage their identities across complex IT infrastructures. Join us to learn more about the new ways to establish digital trust for your human and machine identities and how to gain visibility and lifecycle control for all digital identities in your environment.

Thursday, June 9th

Tim Callan

Chief Compliance Officer, Sectigo

With the rising interest in passwordless authentication, confusion still exists about which technology approaches are – or are not – passwordless. True passwordless offers benefits beyond an improved user experience and offers a more secure approach to access and rights. Discover the difference between true passwordless authentication and platforms that appear passwordless but actually are not.

Where to Find Us

Visit our booth #1627
in the South Expo Hall!

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