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Sectigo Certificate Manager
Automated Lifecycle Management for Microsoft CA Certificates

Sectigo Certificate Manager provides complete visibility and lifecycle control over Microsoft certificates alongside your other private and public certificates. With direct integration into Microsoft Certificate Authority (MSCA), Sectigo delivers a modern approach to issue and manage any certificate across your business, all from a single platform.

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Sectigo Certificate Manager
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Manage Microsoft and Other CA Certificates from a Single Platform
Benefits of Using Sectigo’s MSCA Solution:
Complete view and management of all digital certificates across the enterprise in a single pane of glass
Control new volumes of certificates used for identification and authorization using Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS)
Issue, monitor and govern Microsoft CA certificates alongside Sectigo’s public and private CAs
Automate certificate deployments beyond Windows environments to cover a wide range of use cases
Enforce consistent certificate policies across the enterprise
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The Sectigo Certificate Lifecycle Management Platform
Why Do the World’s Largest Brands Choose Sectigo?
Single Platform Admin
A single pane of glass to manage both public and private certificates issued from Sectigo and other Certificate Authorities, including Microsoft CA.
Certificate Management in the Cloud
The gold standard for enabling automation and perimeterless security across cloud and multi-cloud environments. Lower cost of deployment. Increase the speed of threat discovery. Control over all digital identities.
Enable New Use Cases
Certificates are necessary to secure identities and enable new enterprise use cases such as Zero Trust, passwordless authentication, remote identity validation, document signing, RPA, etc.
Integrations with leading technology providers that give customers deployment flexibility and customizations to work within their unique environments.
Zero-Touch Deployment
Advanced capabilities to automatically install user and device certificates with a single click.
Dedicated Support
Industry-leading customer support with white glove service from onboarding to continued account services.
Industry Recognition

Sectigo Certificate Manager has been recognized for its new technologies and innovation used to help customers solve real world problems.

About Sectigo

Sectigo is a leading provider of digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management solutions to leading brands globally. As one of the longest-standing and largest Certificate Authorities (CA), Sectigo has over 20 years of experience delivering innovative security solutions to over 700,000 businesses worldwide. With certificates in use across all touch-points in today’s enterprise - from servers to devices, email, DevOps, IoT, and more - Sectigo helps you save time, save money and reduce risks with our award-winning certificate management solution.