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Our new, single API - AutoApplyOrder - makes requesting not only our range of SSL certificates, but also new products for Website Backup & Restore, Website Malware Remediation, Reputation Management, WAF/CDN, PCI Compliance, VPN and more easier than ever. This single API reduces Product Integration and Transaction completion from weeks or months to hours or event minutes.

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  • Fully backward compatible with existing AutoApplySSL API
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Document Signing Certificates
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About Document signing

Affix documents with digital signatures – the strongest method of electronic signature available – seamlessly to Adobe PDFs, or using public S/MIME certificates installed on your PC or device.

Businesses and consumers worldwide have embraced the speed and convenience of electronic signatures. But standard electronic signatures don’t provide sufficient security and standards of identity for all documents and use cases. For these situations you need digital signatures, the most secure type of electronic signature available.

Digital signature leverages PKI certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority, delivered via USB tokens containing the certificate to assure the signer’s identity. We support Adobe certificates issued either in the name of an individual (i.e., signed on behalf of the individual), or in the name of a company (i.e., signed on behalf of the company). An Adobe document signing certificate may also be used to sign Microsoft Office documents. Applying digital signatures to your Adobe PDF documents helps you comply with the most demanding regulatory requirements and provides you the greatest peace of mind.

Alternatively, you can use a public S/MIME certificate installed on your PC or device to sign all types of documents, including those created in Adobe or Microsoft Office.

Affix documents with digital signatures – the strongest method of electronic signature available – seamlessly to Adobe PDFs, or using public S/MIME certificates installed on your PC or device.

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Security and Anonymity

Maintain compliance with some of the world’s strictest electronic signature/digital signature regulations, such as U.S. FDA CFR 21 Part 11 requirements. With Adobe document signing and public S/MIME from Sectigo, ensure you have the highest levels of security for regulated and sensitive document use cases, such as:

Account openings
Investment/private banking
Loan applications
Insurance documents and agreements
Legal documents and agreements
Clinical research portals
Medical records
Sensitive HR documents
Engineering change processes and approvals
Compliance with EU regulation

Sectigo digital signatures provide a number of benefits over standard electronic signature


Sectigo is the world’s largest commercial CA, with over 20 years of experience in digital trust solutions.


Digital signature requires a unique certificate key guaranteeing the documents’ origin.


Signers must enter a PIN known only to them, ensuring only they can sign documents in their name.


Your identity, and by extension the documents you digitally sign, is validated by Sectigo’s trust platform.

Sectigo is a member of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).

And unlike other certificate authorities, Sectigo does not limit the number of signatures with our USB tokens that contain the certificate.


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  • # signatures
  • 1 year
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  • $157.50**
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  • Unlimited
  • $315.00*
  • $548.12*
  • $774.90*
  • Limited to 500
  • $379.00
  • $679.00
  • $899.00
  • Unlimited
  • $369.00
  • $669.00
  • $879.00

*Price before promotional 50% discount.
**Introductory promotional pricing for Sectigo.


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