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Certificate Manager Pro

Find, track, and manage all things SSL, automatically!

Our certificates as a service offer unlimited public DV certificates, ACME automation, and an intuitive step-by-step onboarding experience any server admin can handle.

No credit card required.

Purpose-built digital certificate management for small businesses

Automate everything

Make your first installation, your last. Leverage the power of ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) to automate all your certificate management tasks.

Simplified deployment

Make SSL configurations easier and reduce errors with our guided, customized workflows that generate command snippets directly in the dashboard.

Business continuity

Our annual certificate subscription provides unlimited public DV certificates with automated provisioning and management, future-proofing your digital security.

Still managing certificates manually? There’s a better way

Manually managing certificates is time-consuming and a waste of resources, especially for small teams. Automating certificate workflows on one intuitive platform reduces overhead so IT teams can focus on other security-critical goals. SCM Pro's guided, automated provisioning prevents issues caused by human error. The result: no more decentralized certificate headaches.

Say goodbye to outages

Rogue certificates and unexpected certificate expirations can lead to outages. And certificate lifecycles are getting shorter, which means even more frequent outages in the horizon. Automate the issuance of new certificates, discovery of entire inventories and the renewal of all your public digital certificates to prevent downtime, reduce complexity, and gain full visibility across your certificate operations.

Simplify DV certificate management with SCM Pro certificates as a service

SCM Pro simplifies certificate validation, issuance, renewal, and revocation. Here are SCM Pro's key features:

Complete certificate discovery
Step by step guides
Automated management
Unlimited free certificates

Clear and straightforward subscription pricing

Choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

  • Standard: $10.75/month (billed annually) per domain/subdomain
  • Wildcard: $48.25/month (billed annually) per domain/subdomain

4 ways Sectigo helps you streamline the management of your digital certificates

Say goodbye to the old way of manually managing digital certificates. Here are the four major digital certificate management problems small businesses overcome with SCM Pro.

Manual inventory lists

Relying on spreadsheets and other disjointed methods can lead to human errors and hours of labor to remedy potential mistakes.

Eliminate blind spots

With one click, we’ll find all your public certificates, regardless of origin, delivering complete inventory visibility within a single dashboard.

Labor-intensive provisioning process

Manual provisioning can take hours for each certificate to go through steps provided by Certificate Authorities/vendors. It introduces a higher risk of oversights and misconfigurations.

Make your first install, your last

Save valuable time and resources by automating your provisioning process through SCM Pro’s ACME guided workflow, all while ensuring a worry-free experience by minimizing human errors.

Manual renewal alert setting

Setting manual reminders in individual calendars for certificate renewals causes inefficiencies and increases the likelihood of missed deadlines, potentially leading to service disruptions.

Cadenced notifications

SCM Pro automates renewal notifications at a sequenced timeframe for all relevant parties, ensuring a proactive renewal process that fits your business needs.

Dependency on individual expertise

Manual processes often rely heavily on the expertise of individual administrators. This creates a dependency on specific individuals, and knowledge transfer may become challenging, especially during staff transitions.

Simplified certificate management

SCM Pro features an intuitive interface, simplified workflows, self-service onboarding, and unified visibility, allowing fast ramp up and productivity gains even during staff transitions.

3 easy steps to unlock the power of SCM Pro for free! 

Start your custom discovery scan to find all your public certificates, no matter where they’ve been hiding.

Issue free 90-day DV certificates during your trial. These are on us!   

Automate the lifecycles of your public DV certificates with our ACME guided workflow.

Find your certificates now!

Get started with your FREE discovery scan. Find all your public certificates within minutes!


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