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Automated Digital Certificate Management

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Automated Certificate and Key Management Platform Built for the Modern Enterprise

Sectigo Certificate Manager is a fully automated certificate management solution purpose-built for today’s enterprises. It provides complete visibility and lifecycle control over all digital certificates and keys in your environment. Quickly deploy and automate the management of certificates, both public and private, from a single platform.

Single platform management for:

  • SSL/TLS Certificates
  • Private PKI Certificates
  • S/MIME Certificates
  • Code Signing Certificates
  • Mobile Certificates
  • IoT Certificates
  • Key Management
  • DevOps Certificates

Trusted by Leading Brands Globally

Over 20 Years of Established Leadership in Certificate Management

Sectigo is the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a leading provider of automated certificate management solutions to leading brands globally. With over 700,000 businesses on our platform and more than 20 years of experience, we help organizations automate the lifecycle management of their digital certificates and keys through a single platform. With certificates in use across all touch points in today’s enterprise - from servers to devices, email, DevOps, IoT, and more - Sectigo helps you save time, save money and reduce risks with our award-winning certificate management solution.


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PKI Use Cases

Sectigo Certificate Manager seamlessly deploys and automates lifecycle management of PKI certificates across all the following use cases:

Why Choose Sectigo Certificate Manager?


A single platform for discovery, reporting, installation and renewal upon expiry for all public and private certificates


Secure every server, application, user or device with flexible pricing models to fit your needs


Seamlessly augment your existing Microsoft CA or other 3rd party CAs


Integrations for leading applications, DevOps tools and cloud key vaults


Zero-Touch deployment to easily issue and install user and device certificates with a single click


Industry-leading customer support with white glove service from installation through ongoing SSL certificate management

Industry Awards

Sectigo Certificate Manager has been recognized for its new technologies and innovation used to help customers solve real world problems

Customer Testimonials

Read what our enterprise customers are saying about Sectigo Certificate Manager

  • We expect solutions offered by Sectigo to help ensure strong authenticated data encryption that will protect universities’ intellectual property. This model will scale to assure that all university research is secured and compliant.

    Kevin R. Gamache, Ph.D.  |  Chief Research Security Officer with The Texas A&M University System

  • “SCM gives us proactive updates regarding any changes in the SSL landscape including security issues and alerts, and ensures no unexpected certificate expiration. All of these features within SCM allow for our organization’s dependence on IT to remain secure.”

    ANDREW RUST  |  Technical Authority, Aviva

  • Automation made deployment fast and easy for the hundreds of certificates Medecision currently has under management.

    David Lundy  |  Vice President, Client Success at Medecision

  • With Sectigo Private PKI, you can connect to the network or the Microsoft agent and the software automatically populates the portal, so that you can manage all of your certificates from a single dashboard.

    Bryan Seely  |  Senior Systems Engineer, IT, Lighthouse Global

  • Sectigo Certificate Manager gives our team a central repository and dashboard to manage and track all the digital certificates across our entire network.

    Dustin Lovell  |  Systems Administrator, America First

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